More of The Dreaded C Word

Posted: November 18, 2016

A while ago I wrote a blog about the dreaded “C” word, Change. How Change was the one thing we as Humans like the least because it’s the one thing we have little control over and therefore, it’s the thing many of us resist. I said at the time I found it was better to embrace change however hard it may be.

Well, I guess those words came back to haunt me because on July 31st, 2015, the man I loved for thirty years, my beloved Steve passed away of Pancreatic Cancer. It was aggressive and from his diagnosis until the morning of his passing was two and a half weeks. We barely had time to wrap our heads around what was happening when he exited.

Since then, my life has been one drastic change after another and in all of that time the one thing I have learned, is to let the changes happen. In spite of how difficult it has all been I have emerged a much stronger man for having let change happen… no resistance. The Dreaded “C” Word slapped me a good one and I have become a better man for it.

So many good people have gathered around and so many good things have happened to me in the ensuing months I don’t have the room to list them all here. But I do want to tell you about one of the latest and most exciting changes (as far as I’m concerned, anyway…):

My New Website

Over the last couple of months my dear friend Chelsea and her husband Justin have been helping me develop my brand new website, which you are currently visiting.

I hope you enjoy exploring what the site has to offer and let me know what you think.